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Firing Federal Attorneys
Does the President have the right to fire the people he appoints? Yes, under certain circumstances. However, the recent firing of 8 U. S. attorneys is not only an aberration from the way things have been done for 25 years, it was planned for quite some time. The Bush administration sought and received changes to law that allowed them to replace the fired attorneys with attorneys that would not be able to be confirmed by the Senate.

Is Gonzales Lying?
Testimony of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales last week has led everyone to believe that he has been lying about the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP). However, a careful look at the many testimonies of Gonzales, as well as other players in the matter, indicate that he may not be lying, but that he is dissembling in order to hide a more insidious program. On the other hand, some have suggested that the Bush administration may have leaked classified information ???in order to rescue him from perjury charges.

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