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Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran's nuclear program has led to United Nations sanctions against it. But no one has ever proved, or disproved, that they've ever had a nuclear weapons program. Iran insists that its program is peaceful, for energy purposes only. Yet, the U.S. is using the issue as one to condone the threat of military force, even a nuclear first strike.

Iran: Making a Case to Attack
This is a timeline of actions and statements building a case for an attack on Iran. From a 1996 policy statement up to the current time, ittt???s clear that the Bush administration is using the same type rhetoric to build its case that it used to invade Iraq. The timeline will be updated as new information becomes available.

The Iran-Contra Affair
The 1980s Iran-Contra Affair has come to the forefront recently, primarily as a result of the confirmation of Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. This article is a summary of the scandal. The players, their roles, and what has happened to them put today's events into an historical perspective.

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