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Facts & Fiction About Undocumented Workers
In the wake of the law passed in Arizona designed to apprehend undocumented workers, The Wonk believes it is time to look at the major arguments that drive support for this action. The misinformation about the effects of illegal immigration is preventing the nation from having coherent discourse on the problems and potential remedies. Only by understanding the real problems, not the myths, can we begin to resolve the issues.

Fixing Illegal Immigration
The House of Representatives has passed the Border Security Bill. The Senate has been working on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. The President has weighed in with his proposals. The myriad provisions are complex and are heatedly being debated. This article sets out the major proposals. It is not comprehensive since it is intended to be just an outline of the issues being discussed.

Reasonable Suspicion or Presumed Innocence
Gregory Wood discusses the Arizona law that was to take effect this week. He opines that reasonable suspicion violates the U.S. Constitution's mandate of probable cause. Gregory Wood is the owner of Forest Books in San Francisco.

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