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Political Philosophies
Conservatism is a political philosophy that adheres to established values or the status quo. Conservatism is marked by a resistance to change, belief in less government, and strong support of property rights. Modern political Conservatism emerged in the 19th century in reaction to the political and social changes associated with the eras of the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

Corporatism and Neofeudalism
Corporatism, a form of plutocracy, is the main tool in creating a modern version of feudalism. Many of the features of neofeudalism are seen in today's Corporatism. Whether neofeudalism is the goal of Corporatism is not the question. That it can lead to neofeudalism is the problem we must be watching for.

Fascism and Islamo-Fascism
George W. Bush has, on several occasions, called terrorists "Islamo-fascists." What does Islamo-fascism mean? Looking at a definition of "fascism," it does not appear to apply to terrorist groups, but may be used to define the governments it is believed they want to establish. Whether the term is accurate or not, it is viewed by Muslims as an epithet used to associate Muslims with Nazis.

Liberalism is a political philosophy that holds liberty and individual rights as its primary tenets. It espouses limitations on the powers of government which could obstruct or hinder individual rights. The United States was the first nation to construct a constitution based on the concept of liberal government.

Leo Strauss was a philosopher who many believe gave rise to the neoconservative movement. Given the rise of neoconservatism today, and the prominence of Straussians in the Bush administration, The Issue Wonk attempts to look at this extremely confusing and esoteric philosophy and its possible influence on today's political culture.

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