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Military Culture
Reports of torture, senseless killing, and brutality are undermining our mission in Iraq and ruining our stature in the world. For a country, a government, that often justifies its foreign policy on the grounds of preserving human rights, recent revelations prove that we are not who we purport to be and that human rights applies only to a lucky few. Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Ishaqi, Hamandiyya, Ramadi, Makr al-Deeb, Samarra, and now Mahmoudiya. How many more are there? How many more will there be? Responsibility must be laid at the highest levels of this administration.

The Military in Africa
The Bush administration, shortly after coming to power in 2001, began a push into Africa. Since the attacks of 9/11, the administration has said that this infiltration is necessary to stop international terrorist groups from getting a foothold on the continent. However, according to the Congressional Research Service, "While terrorism is cited as the primary reason for U.S. military operations in Africa, access to Africa's oil - which presently accounts for 15% of the U.S. oil supply and could reach 25% by 2015 - is also considered a primary factor for growing U.S. military involvement in the region."

The Walter Reed Debacle
The country was shocked by the Washington Post reports of poor treatment of veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. However, claims of mistreatment have been reported for years and it's clear that officials knew of the problems. What caused the problems? The Issue Wonk explores the possible causes.

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