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Facts About Medicare Cuts
The so-called cuts to Medicare aren't cuts at all. They're cost savings. And a lot of the savings is being used to provide Medicare beneficiaries with more benefits.

Gaming Fear
Gregory Wood has an interesting "take" on the manipulation of U.S. health care. He compares it to an "hydraulic economy" with "addictive modeling," all designed to induce fear. Gregory Wood is the owner of Forest Books in San Francisco.

Health Care
Health care cost in the United States, per capita, is higher than in any other country. While everyone talks about the great health care in the United States, some even say it's the best in the world, this is not necessarily true. The Issue Wonk sets out some of the statistics.

Health Care - The Public Option
Politicians and the media appear to be deliberately conflating "single payer" health care with the "public option." Single payer health care is off the table, but it's pretty much settled that the public option will be a part of the reform. However, since the public option doesn't deal with many of the problems inherent in our system, any improvements will probably be minimal.

Health Care Insurers
We now know that the health insurance companies are the ones spending the big bucks to kill health care reform. Obviously, they're afraid of losing profits. But, how much do they make? And how much do their CEOs make? Take a look.

Polycarbonate Plastics
Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high-performance plastic commonly used to make water bottles, baby bottles, and containers for storing and reheating food in a microwave oven. Its chief building block is Bisphenol A, a hormone disruptor, that, despite industry research showing it is safe, is widely being demonstrated as a toxin that causes cancer.

The Embryonic Stem Cell Issue
The Senate finally passed a bill this week to expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, but the President vetoed it. The President's objections ring false. And congressional members on The Hill are trying to fool voters by confusing the issues.

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