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Originally Published: 7/18/2012


The 2012 election is coming up. Since many states have changed their voter registration requirements, I thought I’d start bugging people now - before it’s too late. You need to check to see if requirements have changed in your state and what you need to do to make sure you can vote!

If you haven’t registered, do it now - just in case your state has stringent requirements and you need to spend time getting certified copies of documents.


The biggest problems are in areas where photo ID is required. For people who don’t drive and don’t have a driver’s license, they must get photo ID. Better do it now.


Another problem is with students. Some states are requiring that the address on the voter registration be the same as on the ID or driver’s license. If students are registered at their parents’ address, and that’s the address on their ID or driver’s license, they will have to go home to vote. In order to vote in their college town they will have to register with that address and change the address on their driver’s license to match. And, in some states, college photo ID is not sufficient so students without driver’s licenses will have to get state authorized photo identification.


Remember, voting is controlled in the states, so there are 50 different laws for registration and voting. You’d better check now. The National Conference of State Legislatures has a map and list of requirements for each state. However, once you’ve looked it over I highly recommend you still check with your own state - just to make sure.





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