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The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged the Past and Changed the World

By: Edited by John S. Friedman

Publisher: Picador, 2005

The title is sort of a misnomer. There’s nothing secret about the histories set forth in this anthology. They are known and documented. But, at one time, the information was secret, or at least unknown to the general public. From the Enigma coding machine of World War II to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, from IBM’s involvement in the Holocaust to the U.S. involvement in Pinochet’s coup in Chile, from cover-ups in Vietnam massacres to the CIA’s involvement in ousting a democratically elected government in Iran, this book is a shocking revelation of what truly has happened in our modern world. Cover-ups, the secret surveillance of American citizens during the 1960s and 1970s, Watergate, and the 2000 presidential election in Florida – the truth, as documented, is exposed. A must read!


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