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No Place to Hide

By: Robert O'Harrow, Jr.

Publisher: Free Press

All the electronic doodads out there are embraced by society because of the convenience they offer. However, few ever think about how they work. They collect data, lots of data, about us – what we do, where we go, what we buy, who we talk to, where we work, etc. It’s all collected and saved in gigantic databases – somewhere. Prior to 9/11 this type of “data mining” was done by commercial interests, gathering information in order to market products and make greater sales. Since 9/11, however, the government has embraced the technology, using these databases to “watch” citizens, under the auspices of catching potential terrorists. Have a mobile phone? They now have digital locator chips. They can track you. Have a fancy GPS system in your car? You don’t even have to activate it. They can still find you no matter where you are. The newest research is in implanting paper money with chips to track the cash. Medical records? Bank records? Nothing is private; nothing is sacred. You're being watched. The book is very technical and, in places, difficult to read. If nothing else, read the first and last chapters. These are issues we need to start discussing now – before it’s too late.


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