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The Issue Wonk® is dedicated to the dissemination of information to the public, to inform the public about the national and international political issues of the day, and to offer analyses about these issues in a simple, understandable format and language.  The goal is to educate, to inform.  Our philosophy is that an educated, informed public will become more connected to the political process and engage in that process informed of the facts and not make decisions based on rhetoric.


The Issue Wonk® believes the American public cannot be completely engaged in self-governance without being adequately informed.  Given the magnitude and complexity of the issues before us, gathering all the information and determining what it really means is a daunting task, especially for busy people.  While there are some very good news sources, they are constrained by time and space in what and how much they cover.  The Issue Wonk® offers timely information in a concise and factual manner.  Busy Americans will now have accurate and informed reading about the issues impacting their daily lives.


While The Wonk wishes to remain anonymous, here are some pertinant facts.  The Wonk has a Master's degree in Public Administration, with a specialization in Public Policy Analysis and a sub-specialization in Government Financial Management.  The Wonk has been an instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in research and statistics and has co-authored several articles that have appeared in academic journals.  The Wonk has also worked in various areas of state government, including as a fiscal analyst and performance auditor for the state legislature.


Since the late 1980s the The Wonk had the concept of providing unbiased, fact-based information to the general public.  At the time, to provide such information would have entailed print publishing.  Costs of such an endeavor made it impossible.  The Internet provides the vehicle to deliver this information and, therefore, we are proud to present The Issue Wonk.®


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